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This Whitepaper is intended to be and should be, used for informational purposes of BattleCity's Project only. This Whitepaper or BattleCity's Project (โ€œWeโ€) does not provide investment, financial, or legal advice. Also, We cannot substitute for professional advice and independent factual verification.

No Investment Advice or Brokering Services

This Whitepaper or BattleCity Project is not an investment advisor or investment broker. No content on this Whitepaper and/or the site of BattleCity is intended to, or should be assumed to, be a recommendation to enter into any securities transactions or investment, or an endorsement, recommendation, or rating of any project or investment. We do not provide personalized recommendations or opinions regarding whether the BattleCity Project or investment approach is suited to the financial or other goals or needs of a specific person, player, investor, or other legal entity.

This Whitepaper or BattleCity Project does not offer tax or other accounting services or legal advice. We are not professional accountants or lawyers. No content on this Whitepaper and/or the site of BattleCity is intended to or should be assumed to, be legal or tax advice. We encourage you to and recommend that you, consult with licensed accountants and lawyers for independent advice.

Regulatory Risk

The sale, use, ownership of tokens or crypto coins could be prohibited under applicable laws. It is possible that existing regulations could be applied, or new regulations could be enacted, affecting blockchain technology-based applications and sales of tokens such that any aspect of cryptocurrency token and BattleCity Project could be negatively affected, requiring its modification or discontinuance and potentially resulting in the loss of tokens or token value.

No Illegal Acts

You warrant that you undertake to ensure, to the best of your knowledge and belief and after due diligence, that no money laundering or other unlawful act is committed in connection with the using of this Whitepaper or BattleCity Project, and that no proceeds of any money-laundering activities are used to invest in tokens published on BattleCity. You further warrant that you are and always will be compliant with all applicable anti-money-laundering regulations. In addition, you warrant that you will not, in connection with using this Whitepaper or BattleCity Project, transfer anything of value, directly or indirectly, to any government official, an employee of a government-controlled company, political party, or private (non-governmental) persons or entities working on behalf of any government in order to obtain any improper benefit or advantage. You further warrant that no money paid to you as compensation or otherwise has been or will be used to pay any bribe or kickback in violation of any applicable law.


Cryptocurrencies and tokens are inherently subject to the risk of cybercrime, which is difficult to protect against. The software used in any aspect of a cryptocurrency token or BattleCity Project could be hacked, which could result in the inability to use or outright loss of some or all cryptocurrency and token assets.

No Liability

Neither This Whitepaper nor BattleCity Project nor any person or entity associated with it, including but not limited to its agents, servants, employees, insurers, attorneys, successors, and assigns, will be liable, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), or otherwise, for any damage, expense, or other loss you may suffer arising out of any use or reliance on this Whitepaper and/or the site of BattleCityโ€™s content.

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