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NFT is an indispensable and complementary part of GameFi, thanks to NFT, users will have different ways to earn, collect and trade. Users can freely trade, sell, or gift their tokenized NFTs.

Understanding this insight, we will launch the NFT Marketplace (called BattleCity Marketplace) in Q4/2022 so that users can exchange, buy and sell minted items from our WOL Games (MU of Heroes, Legends of Tank, and future games) using WOL.


Heroes/Tanks and in-game items are listed for sale on the marketplace as NFTs. In-game assets are categorized into specific games, utility, ranks/classes, and seasonal collections.

Uniqueness - NFT On Demand

This gives absolute power to players. Players have full control over the digital assets that have been "minted" in WOL Games.

BattleCity.io gives players the freedom to choose their favorite items to be minted into NFTs.

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