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Focus on Game-players

BattleCity | Vision and Mission | Game-players | MangoX
"BattleCity's web3-gaming platform provides a fun and profitable experience for players, to create a healthy and excited community around blockchain gaming and build a sustainable’s ecosystem of [PLAY for JOY] - [EARN for FUN] – [OWN for REAL] = (“Play To Earn”) for all game-players around the world."
All of our existing and future GameFi projects (WOL Games) will focus on the Gameplay and Players' Experience.
Here are the highlights that BattleCity will focus on developing:
  • Play To Earn (P2E) | 80% of the profit from selling NFT will be returned to the pool reward
  • Players vs Players (PvP) | Win-to-Earn (winner takes all)
  • Esport Web3.0 | Team vs. Team
  • The winner takes it all (W2E).
  • WOL NFT on demand | Mint your NFT assets when you want
  • Mini tournament each month (ready go-live)
  • Worldwide Tournament (coming soon)