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"The creativity & the origins of new game ideas are boundless."

BattleCity's WOL Innovative Tech Venture Fund will support and fund game-builders (include game studios or individual game developers) to keep the innovation and make their GameFi projects become the next rise(s) in the game industry.

What we do

Finding seed money is one of the biggest challenges facing entrepreneurs in the tech and gaming industries. Startups require initial funding in order to staff up, market themselves to a small but dedicated customer base, and begin generating revenue.

The difficulties of raising Series A and B rounds will soon overshadow those of the seed stage. With the help of our game studios, guidance, and technical support on building solutions based on our platform or solutions, the BattleCity WOL Innovative Tech Venture Fund allows tech founders and entrepreneurs to access seed-stage capital at the outset of their journey.

Key Features

The following is the scope of activities that we can assist you with:

  • Advising.

  • Project funding (Architecture, Operations...).

  • Marketing.

  • Community Building.

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