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  • There are 3 types of Tanks, players randomly control 1 type when participating in the arena.

  • Entrance tickets purchased with WOL.

  • Random player matching mechanism.

How to play:

  • Each match lasts 3 minutes.

  • Players have 10 seconds before the start of the match to observe the terrain of the map, the starting position of themselves and the opponent as well as the location of the "Castle" (treasure box).

  • Hidden map mechanism, players only see map terrain once they have passed through that terrain and the area around the tank.

  • Map is shrinking towards Castle every 1 minute, players must not be outside the redline.

  • Castle randomly fires bullets every 1 minute.

  • All players' ammo and movement speed are x2 after 2nd minute of playtime.

  • At the 2nd minute, the positions of all players are changed randomly. After spawning in a new location, the player has a safe 3s (tank icon flashing) to get used to the new location.

  • NPCs bring items that appear randomly in the map (options).

End of the game:

  • The first player to break the Castle gets all the REWARDs contained in the Castle

  • If the game time is over but the Castle has not been broken, the amount of REWARDs is divided equally among the surviving players.

  • The endgame screen shows the list of winners and the rewards they received.

  • The system calculates and send rewards to the player.

  • Players can review the match on the open map or proceed to the next round with teammates.

  • For each won BattleCity.io, the player is credited with xLeague Rewards Points. These points are used to rank players in the Battle Arena. This ranking is summarized every weekend, month, quarter, year. Players in the top 10 of the rankings will receive a special reward of xWOL from BattleCity.io

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