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Open Economy Model

P2E - PvP - Team vs Team - W2E Model | BattleCity | MangoX
Focusing on the new definition of “Play To Earn” PVP model where Players are able to enjoy collecting and be rewarded: the platforms of the in-game token – KEN (Key Earning Network) and the governance token of BattleCity’s ecosystem – WOL (World of Legends) are developed and shall be detailed in "TOKENOMICS".
In short, here are the following highlights of WOL Games listed on BattleCity for everyone’s reference:
  • Play To Earn (P2E) | 80% of the profit from selling NFT will be returned to the pool reward
  • Players vs Players (PvP) | Win-to-Earn (winner takes all)
  • Esport Web3.0 | Team vs. Team
  • The winner takes it all (W2E).
  • WOL NFT on demand | Mint your NFT assets when you want
  • Worldwide Tournament (coming soon)