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Initially, BattleCity web3-gaming platform provides a fun and profitable experience for players, to create a healthy and excited community around blockchain gaming and build a sustainable BattleCityโ€™s ecosystem of [PLAY for JOY] - [EARN for FUN] โ€“ [OWN for REAL] = (โ€œPlay To Earnโ€) for all game-players around the world. The mission and vision of the future BattleCity project are to attract and convert millions of web2 gamers into web3 players, with the statement: [ONE PORTAL] [ONE TOKEN] [ENTER ALL TOP GAMES]

Based on our strategic development and community insights, BattleCity.io hopes to bring blockchain technology to build a sustainable ecosystem to support game-builders (including game studios or individual game developers) in the future, which will work on Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Solana, and other chain.

The platform offers its mechanism to transform traditional games to become GameFi projects and an NFT Marketplace (BattleCity.io Marketplace) to support game-players to be able to play and earn via multiple games, participate and trade NFTs in player-owned economies via network governance and consensus.

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