BattleCity's Roadmap, last updated December 06, 2022.

Quarter 1 - Quarter 2 2024: Enhancing User Experience & Market Expansion

  • WOL token: Increase WOL token utility and liquidity
  • WOL token: CEXs Listing (3 big CEXs)
  • BattleCity.io: Release of Referral Campaign
  • BattleCity.io: Release of Ambassador 2
  • BattleCity.io: Deployed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Currently live on Polygon, with an upcoming announcement for the next blockchain integration.
  • BattleCity.io: Official Launch of Backer and Advisor Program in 2024
  • BattleCity.io: Expand Partner Network
  • Legend of Tank Game: Fist worldwide tournament on Main-net
  • Legends of Tank Game: First Leaderboard Season launching
  • Legends of Tank game: Release of Tetris Mode
  • Legend of Tank game: Release of Quest to earn
  • Legends of Tank game: Improve user experience and introduce new features/new maps.
  • A series of events providing additional benefits/perks to the BattleCity.io community.
  • WOL token: Build up QuickGate for WOL token (Polygon-BNB)

Quarter 2 - Quarter 3 2024: Scaling Up

  • MU of Heroes Closed beta test
  • MU of Heroes Public Beta test
  • MU of Heroes game improvements and bug fixes
  • Building Guild Feature
  • Building Tournament Feature
  • Test-net Closed Tournament
  • Private NFT listing preparation
  • MU of Heroes NFT launch
  • MU of Heroes Launch
  • Market expansion
  • Preparation for Seasonal tournament
  • Start of seasonal tournament
  • Legends of Tank | Build exclusive NFT feature in MU of Heroes
  • Legends of Tank | New Tank Type Collection Release

Quarter 3 - Quarter 4 2024: Benefit improvements

  • Balancing and enhancing in-game rewards for users.
  • Developing features to facilitate seamless item exchange between games within the BattleCity Portal.
  • Releasing the WOL (Token) Burned Plan.
  • Network Expansion
  • A series of events that offer additional benefits and perks to the BattleCity.io community.
  • Game optimization
  • MU of Heroes new game features release
  • Acquisition expansion

Quarter 4 - 2024: Diversifying Offerings

  • abc
  • Preparing for Offline Tournaments in both MU of Heroes and Legends of Tank.
  • Initiating the construction of an Open Gate and connecting other games to the BattleCity Portal.
  • Continuous enhancement of WOL token utility and liquidity across multiple games.
  • Advancing Legends of Tank to the next level, gearing up for the Esports version.
  • Preparing for the launch of the Content Creator Hub.
  • Official release of the Content Creator Hub.
The information provided in this roadmap is based on the available information. Please note that the plans and timelines may be subject to change as the development team continues to refine and enhance the BattleCity.io experience. For the most up-to-date information, we recommend checking the official BattleCity.io website and social media channels.