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BattleCity Ecosystem (called World of Legends Universe - WOL Universe) is divided into 03 main products:

WOL Games

Including BattleCity's Signature games and 3rd party games of "Game-builders"

Signature games - BattleCity's WOL Games

1. Legends of Tank

2. MU of Heroes

3rd party games - Game-builders' projects

BattleCity will support and fund game-builders (include game studios or individual game developers) to keep the innovation and make their GameFi projects become the next rise(s) in the game industry.

ðŸŽēpageFocus on Game-builders


  • The project token (WOL)

ðŸĶ„pageThe Governance Token (WOL)
  • The in-game currency (KEN)

💰pageIn-game Token (KEN)

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