💰Play To Earn (P2E)

Legends of Tank | Gameplay | Earning Arena

⭐ In the P2E game modes, the player will need a team of 3 tanks, each of tank is a different type (Battle Tank, Scout Tank and Heavy Tank).

⭐ Can't arrange and start playing with a formation with 2 tanks of the same type (Example: can't have 2 Battle Tanks in 1 team).

⭐ In P2E mode, the tank when shot will not be damaged but will lose the fuel cans it carries.

⭐ Existing tanks that run out of fuel will be replaced by another tank in the team (still fueled).

⭐ P2E Battle will end when all of your tanks and teammates run out of fuel or you finish the Battle.

⭐ In P2E Battle, you have the opportunity to collect KEN, WOL, Tank Box... and other valuable items to help you upgrade your tank's combat ability.

Game modes:

1. Single player P2E: 1 vs NPCs, fight alone on the map with your team of 3 Tanks (replaceable).

2. Play with friends P2E: 2 vs NPCs, choose a team, go with other players to hunt for items, the reward is divided equally between 2 players.

3. Multiplayer P2E: 1 vs 3, bring a team of 3 Tanks, compete with 3 other Players to hunt for items on the map.

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