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Founder & Co-Founders

BattleCity's Founder & Co-Founders
Former CTO - T-REX Global OÜ
Mr. Nam Bui is a leader with a heart and vision, clear orientations, and boundless passion for blockchain. Mr. Nam Bui spreads the 'fire' among members and connects them to work for the same purpose. This is how MangoX was founded, with the same motivation, the same idea, and the same passion.
A well-known software engineer who pioneered projects in Vietnam such as Core Banking - a collaboration with Transinfotech (Wirecard), Utiba (Mobile Payment), and TotalEnergies (Energy).
Former Founder and CEO of MicroGame Corp., creator of the Ola Social Network
Mr. Kian Bui is one of the famous technology influencers in Vietnam since 2005. He is the former founder of Ola, a famous, free, and first social network platform made by Vietnamese with over 23 million users that competes directly with Yahoo and Facebook at that time.
He is constantly researching, curious about technology, and learning about the demands of users in order to provide true value. Kian Bui's vision is to build a community of players who are more civilized, more creative, and offer services that benefit users' life.
Former General Manager of a Japanese outsourcing firm in Vietnam, which has been in operation for 21 years.
Mr. Phuc Lam is a dedicated employee who is dedicated to both his job and his company. He has over 15 years of programming and managerial experience, including over 12 years with a Japanese outsourcing firm in Vietnam.
Mr. Phuc Lam is not only a fantastic senior engineer but also a mentor who is always willing to help and share with other developers to support their development. He's compared to "engine oil" in the tank, which keeps the tank's tracks running smoothly for a long time.
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